Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand I went on to study Classics and Anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington. When this (not so surprisingly) didn’t eventuate into thousands of high paying job offers, I took to travelling the globe. After wandering my way across 37 countries I returned home to NZ to study early childhood education, but my heart pulled me back to Kenya (the favourite of said 37 countries). I took my teaching with me and taught in a school at an orphanage in Nakuru for a year.

I’ve always loved to write, and when I returned home to NZ decided it was high time to stop wanting to be a writer and put pen to paper and actually be a writer.

I’m currently living in Wellington where I teach under two’s (who are beyond adorable and keep me very much on my toes), drink a lot of coffee, and spend time with my wonderful family and girlfriends.